Team Duckling: The Home of Developmental Psychology Research at UO

Resources in the UO Psychology Department:

Lewis Center for NeuroImaging (LCNI)
Baldwin Lab
Imagination Lab
Developmental Social Neuroscience Lab
Developmental Sociobiology Lab
Brain Development Lab
Brain ElectrophysiologyLab
Psychology Department
Psychology Winter 2014 Newsletter

Other UO Resources:
UO College of Education
Preparing Autism Specialists for Schools (PASS)
Child and Family Center (CFC)
Insitute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences

Community Resources:

Center on Early Adolescence
Oregon Social Learning Center (OSLC)
Oregon Research Center (ORI)
Parenting Now!
Relief Nusery
Bridgeway House

Other Developmental Psychology Labs:

Barnard Cognitive Development Center
Carlson Child Development Lab
Early Experience Lab